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Cutting a Rug

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All Members , Moderated
Do you like making rugs? It doesn't matter what method you use, this community is for you. Ask questions, post pictures, give us any nifty hints you discover, post links to favorite web sites. Do you like saving natural resources by reusing old clothing to make other things? Great! Do you prefer using new fabric, or buy it to finish projects? That's fine too.

This community is still in its infancy, but I hope it will grow.

I don't plan on doing a lot of moderation, but that's because I hope it won't be necessary.

Some information can be found in the community memories.

Basic rules:

  1. No flaming.

  2. Large images or long posts behind cut tags, please.

  3. No advertising things for sale. There are other communities available for this.

  4. Community promos are allowed, if related. If it's not related, I'll delete it. You can post at community_promo

Your friendly neighborhood moderator: gannet

By the way, I don't know a lot about all the methods listed in the interests; I grabbed a bunch of them out of library books.