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I started a community specifically for latch hook. Come join and post your projects. Swap ideas for binding and where to find the best latch hook kits. Let me know if it's against the rules to post this.
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31 Skeins of Rug Yarn....

I bought a big lot of rug yarn off of eBay thinking that "rug yarn" is a generic term for the type of yarn I ordered for $5/skein online. I got a really good deal on it, opened the box, and realized that it's not going to work in any of my projects. TOTAL Bummer. Anyways, I thought I'd advertise it in here so you could have first dibs on it.

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I have a tiny apartment and hate clutter so that's why I'm trying to get rid of it so quickly. :)

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Howdy folks,

I've had fantasies for years about making a rag rug. In the past year I've collected old 70's craft books [$1 at library book sales!] and have some ideas, but haven't started yet.

Have any of you seen a way to turn old t-shirts into rugs? I've got a bunch of outgrown or ugly free t-shirts that I'd like to do something with.